About the show

Grass is a devised dance show with elements of projection, puppetry, narrated stories and light-touch audience interaction.

Performed by two dancers, the set is made from apple crates arranged at different heights which conceal small doors and flaps with props used during the show. In front of the crates are rolls of grass rolled up neatly.

A bell sounds and the performers jump into the space acknowledging the audience. They unroll the grass and do a sequence of movement tracing it’s texture and feel. The performers move in the space, illustrating facts about grass, ants, bees and worms. Projected grass grows up the set as the performers dive into the world beneath their feet. They play a version of insect charades with the audience, use a worm puppet to create a dance between a worm and human, rave like bees and dance like ants.

After the performance, one of the stack of crates in the set is unpacked and provides boxes filled with sand, earth and small insects/vegetables for audiences to play with.

‘My 4-year-old and I loved the ant dancing, we couldn’t stop our feet tapping!’

Audience member