Second Hand Dance


Second Hand Dance is a collaborative company, creatively led by Rosie Heafford, which works with artists from a variety of disciplines to produce participatory and interactive dance experiences. Our vision is to curate performative events that stimulate and gently converse with audiences to inspire joyful dancing and an outlook of hope. We like making work in all kinds of forms and spaces, from performance in theatres and libraries to intimate children’s shows and large-scale community events. 

Most recently, Second Hand Dance co-produced the critically acclaimed Dad Dancing in collaboration with Battersea Arts Centre, a show that ‘reclaimed fatherly grooves’ and followed 3 dancers and their dads with a supporting cast of 22 father-figures, sons and daughters. Rosie Heafford (Director of Second Hand Dance) also choreographed 16 Singers, a performance for babies aged 0-18months produced by The Egg in association with Dance Umbrella.


  • Creating extraordinary and surprising dance works for everyone to enjoy in lots of different spaces including theatres, libraries and parks
  • Making high-quality dance worth that engages with current social and cultural concerns and can enrich people’s lives
  • Collaborating with a range of artists to push the aesthetics, outcomes and engagement of dance
  • Promoting intergenerational and inclusive interaction through dance and movement
  • Increasing confidence, creativity and communication through dance and movement
  • Providing opportunities for people to get involved in dance and explore moving in different ways