Did you know there are over a million different types of creepy-crawlies? Over 80% of Earth’s animals are insects and they are very important to our planet.

  • Without bees to pollinate flowers, plants would not have a way of reproducing and we wouldn't have anything to eat!
  • Millipedes eat leaves and turn them to soil again.
  • Earthworms let air and water into the soil making it healthy for plants.
  • Dung beetles clear away lots of poo by eating it.
  • Maggots eat up dead animals.

If these bugs didn't clear away rotten leaves, dead animals, and poo, our world would be very, very messy. They are the ‘little things that run the world’

Below, we've got some ideas of activities that you can try in groups or by yourself to guide you in exploring the amazing world of grass even further!

Use these ideas with your family and friends or if you are a teacher adapt the activities to use with your class before and after your visit. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on – send us images or post to them to facebook/twitter.