Get Dancing!

FACT: 20% of the world is covered in grass! That’s a lot of space for all of the insects and mini-beasts that live in grass to move, hop and skip around.


This activity is a great warm-up game and first gets you thinking about the grass itself and then the mini-beasts which live in the grass and the different movements they make.

The Grass:

Start lying on the floor, curled up like a seed of grass. Very slowly, uncurl and grow to be as tall as you can be. Perhaps you are swaying in the wind, or sagging under the weight of a heavy rain-storm.

Have a look around you – what do you see among the grass?

As the group suggests the different things they can see (the earth, rain-drops, flowers, worms, ants, snails, etc.) make-up a movement for each. Think about the quality of movment for each suggestion – is it slippery, spikey, squelchy, jumpy, slimy.

The insects:

Introduce the game of STOP and GO; where you have to freeze as still as a statue on STOP and then move around the space on GO.  Ask the group for different suggestions as to how they have to move on GO. For example, hopping like a grass-hopper, or wriggling like a worm.

Group work:

Work in twos and threes to create different insects for example, get into threes and make a butterfly, or twos and become a worm.