Grow your own grass

FACT: 20% of the world is covered by grass


What you need:


Container – any pot will do from a yoghurt pot to a plant pot*

Potting soil



-        Soak your seeds in water for a couple of hours.

-        Fill your containers with potting soil. Leave an inch or so of space for the grass and roots to grow.

-        Spread a layer of seeds on top of the soil in each container. Spread them full and even.

-        Give your containers a good soak, but be careful not to let your seeds move around. Pour your water in slowly. For the first 2 days, they need constant water to help the seeds germinate. Once the seeds show a white tail, keep them watered, but no need to soak.

-        Set them in an undisturbed area, like a kitchen counter or windowsill with plenty of light. Then watch it grow!


*You can even decorate your pot with paints to make it look pretty!