Let's Get Outside

Let's Get Outside!

FACT: About 80% of the Earth’s animals are insects!

Insects are practically everywhere – you don’t need to travel to a nature reserve to find lots of species. You do need to be observant, but knowing where and how to look is the real trick.

A few tips:-

  • Look under stones.
  • Rummage in leaf litter and in dead wood.
  • Many types of flowers are irresistible to insects.
  • If plants leaves have been eaten, find the culprit.
  • Do be afraid to dig – get your hands mucky and see what’s in the soil
  • Don’t overlook the obvious ones but keep a keen and patient eye to spot the camouflaged ones too.
  • Beside water is usually a happy hunting ground. There will be many types of insects there, and of course dragonflies in summer.
  • Look at a pond for insects on the surface and spot what lurks beneath.


See if you can catch an insect in an old jam jar. If you cover it over with a piece of breathable cloth and an elastic band you can sit down with it and have a better look. How many legs does it have? Has it got hairs on its body? Can you see its eyes?


Take the time to draw your insect and perhaps even give it a name before putting it back in the place you found it.


You could even try marking off a small area (perhaps 1m2) and counting how many bugs you can see!