Mini-beast Charrades

FACT: There are over 1 million identified species of minibeasts in the world with many more to be discovered!

 Charades is a guessing game, just like in the show, where you have to do a movement to describe a type of mini-beast. One person picks a card out of a hat and has to try to physicalize that mini-beast for the rest of the group. The first person to guess picks the next card. Some great insects to start with are:

-      Spider

-      Bee

-      Stag-beetle

-      Dragonfly

-      Centipede

-      Earwig

-      Stick-insect

-      Worm

-      Snail

-      Slug

-      Fly

-      Mosquito

-      Butterfly

-      Grasshopper


Hint: If the people guessing need some help, you can tell them how many legs you have or use sounds to help.