FACT: A snail can sleep for 3 years straight

In the making of the show, we interviewed lots of people about their memories of grass – of playing on it, or camping or lying down on a lawn. We asked them who they were with and what they liked seeing. Can you make up your own dance to a memory of a time spent on grass?

-      Go outside and lie down on the grass, close your eyes and think about all the times you’ve spent on grass. Perhaps you’ve had picnics in a garden, or played tennis on the lawn, or walked through a meadow of really long grass. Pick your favourite memory and think about all the details. Think about how it felt, how it smelt, who you were with and what you did.

-      Take some time to either write the memory down and use as many describing words as you can. In pairs, share the stories by reading them out loud to each other. If you have a voice-recorder, you could record the memory to use as a soundtrack for the dance you can create next.

-      Go back through your story and highlight or make a note of all the action and describing words. In pairs or small groups make-up movements to the action words with the quality of the describing words. Think about how you can link these movements together – you can repeat the movements, perform them in canon or different levels in your group -  be as creative as you like!